Our Monkey Philosophy



Yoga Monkey Kids is a program designed to introduce children to the benefits and wonders of yoga. We believe in teaching to the child as a whole — nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Yoga Monkey Kids teaches purposeful movement, mindful eating and the benefits of giving back to the community through charity and good deeds. Our program covers physical needs, psychological needs and altruistic behaviors that will help set the framework for a healthy and peaceful life.

“True peace with ourselves and with the world around us can be achieved only through the development of mental peace.”

—Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama


About Us:

Candace Candace Stromberg – Creator, Owner and Certified Yoga Instructor
I started Yoga Monkey Kids because of a desire to combine my two loves — kids and yoga. I have been practicing yoga since 2003 and have been amazed at the physical and emotional benefits I have received. I introduced my own children to yoga and found they had such a natural connection to the practice and philosophy. In 2010 I decided to become certified in teaching childrens yoga so that I could work with many children and spread the wonderful peace that my family and I have found through practicing yoga. Being a warrior mom, I also believe in teaching children as a whole — nutrition and altruistic behavior are cornerstones in our lives and a foundation for a successful and peaceful life. Kids are naturally giving and curious, if one helps to guide them they can be unstoppable and amazing! I can be reached at candace@yogamonkeykids.com.



StewartStewart Andrews – Illustrator & Designer 
A DC native — there are actually quite a few of us — with a BFA in design and illustration, Stewart has run a small design firm since 2000 that runs from technical journals to branding to cartoons. He is a natural at rendering Yoga Monkey Kids' characters, especially Yokey and his dog pal, DW Dog. When he is not bringing book pages to life, he can be found on a bicycle or walking his dachshund, Oakley. He can be reached at stewart@noodleboxdesign.com.




MelindaMelinda Townsend – Certified Lead Yoga Instructor
Melinda has been been practicing yoga since 1993 and teaching since 2003. She started her yoga practice in Santa Barbara, CA as a nanny to a yoga family. It was there that a love of children combined with a love of yoga. From there, Melinda went to Synergy Yoga College in Encinitas, CA to perfect her skills and teaching methodology. Her studies led her to teaching adults but later she decided to go back to her original passion – teaching children. Melinda and I became fast friends working together at our childrens' school. We were both yoga enthusiasts and enjoyed being involved with fitness and nutrition programs at the elementary school. Melinda and I were certified in teaching kids together so that we could bring our combined experience and joint passions together to work with kids of all ages. Melinda and her family now live in Oregon. She manages Facebook and Twitter for Yoga Monkey Kids and can be reached at melinda@yogamonkeykids.com.