Giving Back


National MS Society “I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004. As a mother of two young children at the time I knew I could not give up hope or give in to the fear of this unpredictable and debilitating disease. I truly believe that yogas physical, mental and spiritual benefits have allowed me to stay strong and focused in my endeavor to never surrender.”
— Candace Stromberg, founder of Yoga Monkey Kids, LLC

Yoga Monkey Kids believes in enriching the spirit by giving back to your community as well as practicing good deeds for all.

A portion of all sales are donated to The National MS Society and Yoga Monkeys Mending MS Foundation. Together we can help to end this chronic, unpredictable disease of the central nervous system. MS affects over 2.5 million people and there is no cure. We at Yoga Monkey Kids are doing our part to help end this disease. Please visit for more information.

Giving Back Every Day:

Giving Back Close To Home – Yoga Monkey Kids encourages all kids to give back and explore the wonders of being a positive influence in their community. Every day is a new opportunity to help others. Here are some simple ways you and your family can give back to your community.

Take A Walk – Grab a trash bag and take a walk. Go around your neighborhood, park, school or place of worship/gathering place. Pick up all the trash you see and dispose of it properly. Talk to your family about the environment and how we must protect our earth.

kid smilingVisit a Retirement Home – Go and read to a senior citizen, help someone make a garden, take a resident for a walk. So many elderly are lonely and would welcome the opportunity to make a new friend. Lifelong lessons can be learned for all involved.

Animals and Wildlife – Make a bird house or feeder, volunteer to walk the neighbors dog, pet-sit for friends out of town, visit a local shelter or rescue foundation.

Recycle – Encourage your family and schools to recycle! Start a recycling club – make crafts with the goodies you find.

Share a Smile/Laugh – Smiling is contagious! Smile at someone and we bet they smile back! Also, laughter is the best medicine! Change your day or make someone else’s day by simply laughing.

Pay It Forward – Always strive to help. Keep your eyes and heart open to opportunities where you can step in and lend a hand. Do a good deed with no expectation of payment or even recognition.

Help Those Who Need It – Bring in your neighbors mail, rake a lawn, shovel a walkway. Seek out those who need assistance and be a friend.

And ALWAYS remember to thank our service men and women for keeping us safe!